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What i do

Writing and drawing have always been my work, but a there is hardly anything I don't like to do as long as I can be creative.. Presently I spend most of my time making music and organizing music events. I play gypsy jazz rhythm guitar in a band, in a duo and all over the world, as much as I can!

Nowadays most of my work revolves around music, though I still love to make 'regular art'.
I write a monthly column in Robin Nolans Gypsy jazz Guitar Secrets magazine, and illustrate it with a drawing. I also make photos and videos for that magazine.

See my music website for more info:

What I did

Journalist, author of various books, translator from German and English, editor in chief. More info see: What i wrote
Art and Design:
Art Shows in the Netherland,s, Germany, Sweden, China and Belgium. Illustrations, cartioons, lay out, book design, designing and making websites - including this one..


Manager of opera singer Cristina Deutekom, Organizing master Classes and concerts for singers and instrumentalists, Representation of musicians since 1991.
Co-organizer and art director od World Congres on Gifted Education.
Reiki Master, meditation teacher and counselor since 1989
Founder / president Sun Foundation, supporting children of Chinese prisoners in China.

More about counseling....